The importance of conscious consumption

Consumo consciente

Understand how your choice towards conscious consumption can impact the health of our planet

Society is changing and, in order to talk about securing a future, we must first rethink our habits, making smart choices. These changes are fundamental to reducing our negative impact on the planet, that is, our carbon footprint.

Companies are increasingly aware of the way they interact with their consumers and how they can transform their respective businesses into allied companies concerned with the sustainability of  the world. An important step for society to rethink the way each individual consumes.

We have already talked about the importance of green companies in the market, but  these consumers are  the ones who question and demand conscious positioning and practices, the ones who have encouraged change in brands and industries.

The first step towards awareness

Some of our daily habits in life can help reduce the progression of global warming. Talking about awareness is talking about how we can be effective in reducing our footprint through our choices. Being conscious of which companies you are consuming from and why you are consuming from them.

Conscious consumption is linked to how your habits can directly affect the health of our planet. If you make choices that favor the environment, it can be said that this choice is a conscious choice, such as: choosing public transport, changing your diet, recycling your waste and avoiding excess consumption, and preventing  waste generation.

Necessary Questions

  • Why am I buying?

The most recommended step before making any kind of purchase is asking yourself if you  need to purchase this product or service. It is very common for an unintelligent purchase to become waste thrown into the planet.

  • What am I buying?

Within this questioning about the “why”, you should also question yourself about the usefulness of this purchase in your routine. After all, there is no point in buying and not using it.

  • How will I buy?

It is worth asking yourself which is your purchasing power at the time you are researching this product or service of interest. In addition, it is worth researching whether the company has sustainable products and practices, and whether it compensates for its CO2 emissions, for example.

  • Who am I buying from?

Researching guarantees better results when receiving your product. This selection process is one of the most important of all, since it will be through this fine comb that you will know if this company uses slave labor, child labor, if it values ​​its employees or  if it pollutes the environment.

Emphasizing what the carbon footprint is

The carbon footprint is a methodology created to measure greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. These emissions come from products, services or processes throughout their entire life cycle.

How do you get to your work? What is your diet? What kind of clothes do you wear? All these issues make up our daily lives and show our habits, and they are precisely what results in our carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint is a crucial indicator for saving the planet from environmental collapse. Greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere and cause profound climate and social changes, so the larger your carbon footprint, the more negative impact you generate for the planet.

Offsetting your carbon footprint

One of the ways you can offset your carbon footprint is to buy carbon credits. Within this market, MOSS stands out as the largest environmental platform in the world.

A carbon credit is a certificate that proves that one ton of carbon equivalent is no longer emitted into the atmosphere. This occurs through the financing of projects that aim to capture excess carbon dioxide (CO²) from the environment, with measures that include environmental conservation, reforestation and sustainable forest management.

The MOSS token comes from forest conservation projects that also benefit local populations and can neutralize tons of CO2. If you want to know some of these projects supported by MOSS just click here.

Where can I buy MCO2 Token, MOSS digital asset?

Users who are already in the crypto world and already participate in several platforms can acquire the MCO2 Token on global exchanges such as the South Korean ProBit, and the Brazilian, Mercado Bitcoin, the largest platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Latin America.

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