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Climate change: we need to act now

Understand a little more about the impacts that are resulting in phenomena such as climate change and global warming The debate about the health of our planet is not new to anyone, after all, the constant climate change is already a result of global warming and has affected the daily lives of all of us. […]
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Five celebrities who fight for the planet

Learn more about the impressive careers of these environmental activists The fight for the environment is urgent and human survival depends on it. Today, we are going to meet five public figures who fight for the planet. Leonardo DiCaprio A world-renowned actor, Leonardo DiCaprio also stands out for his environmental activism. In addition to being […]
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So, what are exchanges?

Understand what exchanges are and what these enable you to do with your crypto assets WHAT IS AN EXCHANGE? When you go on a trip outside of your country, you usually go to a currency exchange to trade your dollars or euros to the local currency. The same is true in the crypto world: if […]