MOSS customers are helping to save the Amazon

Salvando a Amazônia

Learn more about the projects supported by MCO2 Token, that help preserve the world’s largest tropical rainforest


The largest tropical forest in the world, the Amazon Rainforest, is essential for our life on this planet. The forest is responsible for reducing the levels of greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere. 

Its trees are responsible for removing carbon dioxide (CO²) from the atmosphere to carry out photosynthesis. With a vast territorial extension, the Amazon Rainforest  shelters more than half of the planet’s biodiversity, having its fauna and flora as a base for the manufacture of medicines, and has approximately 20% of the Earth’s fresh water.

However, that forest is now burning with deforestation levels hitting records every month. According to data from the Amazon Institute of Man and Environment (IMAZON), which monitors the region, 1.125 square kilometers of forest were deforested in May 2021 – the largest recorded this month in the last 10  years, equivalent to an area of ​​the same size of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.


One of the solutions for preserving the Amazon Forest is the purchase of carbon credits and, within this market, MOSS is the most innovative leader. The MCO2 Token, the carbon credit sold by MOSS, is the first in blockchain security. Each credit comes from different environmental conservation projects  We will list them below.


The Amazon Rio REED+ IFM project consists of the conservation of four particular areas of the Amazon Forest called Amazon Rio I, II, III and IV. Together they add up to 20.387 hectares of primary forest, located in the state of Amazonas.

The main objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, for this, the actions developed foresee: the conservation of forest ecosystems and biodiversity; the sustainable social development of the region, including the promotion of ecotourism and scientific research; and reductions in carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions by curbing deforestation and forest degradation. You can learn more about the Amazon Rio REED+ IFM project by clicking here.


Agrocortex Madeiras do Acre is a company in the Brazilian forest sector focused on sustainability. The company supports one of the largest sustainable forestry projects in Brazil aimed at long-term timber production in the Amazon rainforest, the Agrocortex REDD Project. It is based on practices that respect the environment so as never to exhaust natural resources and still help the forest to regenerate.

“From 2014 to 2020, the project has already avoided the deforestation of 5.300 hectares of forest. In addition, it generated income and employment for one of the poorest regions in Brazil”, explained Marcos Pretto, CEO of Agrocortex. You can learn more about the Agrocortex REDD Project by clicking here.


Fazenda Fortaleza Ituxi aims to protect forests located in one of the regions with the highest deforestation rate in the Amazon: the city of Lábrea, in Amazonas. The project also includes the implementation of activities to support and ensure sustainable forest management, benefiting the local community.

The forest management plan began to be implemented in 2013 and has a proposed duration of 30 years. This year alone, a reduction of 137.675 tons of carbon dioxide (CO²) is estimated. You can learn more about the Fortaleza Ituxi project by clicking here.


To buy your MCO2 Token, the MOSS carbon credit, just click here. Through it, more than 13 million dollars have already been sent to preserve 780.000 trees in Amazon Forest in less than a year. Join now the biggest environmental platform in the world!

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