How are carbon credits priced on MOSS’s platform?

Whenever something highly disruptive surfaces (such as, questions come up regarding how the company operates — we’d like to clear a few doubts from our users and potential partners in the fight for the environment!

1.  How are carbon credit prices sold at MOSS set? 

The MOSS carbon credits have their prices set in the secondary market, in other words, on the MOSS platform, through user transactions, where users buy and sell credits amongst themselves.

These prices are shaped in an independent manner and follow market rules, in other words, supply and demand rules. If the demand is higher than the supply, prices tend to rise, and if the sale intent is greater than purchase, prices tend to drop —  MOSS does not set any prices. The current negotiation price on MOSS’s platform among users, despite the recent expressive rise, still comes with a significant discount (over 50%) compared to the average price offered by American and European emission compensation platforms, which currently have an average price of 25 Euros (around 150 Reais).

It is important to highlight the fact that this market is global (not only Brazilian), and that carbon credits are a commodity negotiated in US Dollars. MOSS has clients all over the world. By  following a global certification protocol (accredited worldwide) where credits are negotiated globally and MOSS has no direct control over pricing.

2. How can I know if MOSS credits aren’t sold and resold more than once?

Carbon assets negotiated on the MOSS platform must go through independent certification processes and logging at the global registry platform who sets international standards. In other words, only certified and registered carbon assets are negotiated on the MOSS platform, in order to verify tracking, thus avoiding a double count. There is a link on our website to check a carbon credit sample ballast, and a link to the credit’s global registration account performed by an institution, a high credibility non-profit foundation. MOSS selected credit certification follows a globally accredited protocol named VCS (Verified Carbon Standard). Since digital and personal client “wallets”, or their carbon credit accounts are managed by an independent company and outsourced in accordance with global market practices.

3. How do I know you’re not reselling my carbon credit over and over again?

Every credit transaction process and wallet set up is carefully managed by independent tech companies who take technological security protocol steps, such as cryptography. All the MOSS offered credit verification protocol seals are on our website.

It is important to highlight the fact that the whole operational structure  — MOSS’s processes — are currently being audited by one of the largest companies worldwide, since we seek out propper transparency and security for users and clients on our platform.

4. How can I sell my carbon credits?

In case you’re interested in selling your assets, the operation can be done independently, by the users, in exchanges, such as FlowBTC and the Bitcoin Market.

We would like to highlight the fact that the current price on the MOSS platform is set by the market, and currently, is less than half of the prices offered in Europe. The price is set independently by traders in the market, and is not set by or suffer direct or indirect interference from MOSS.

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