5 reasons why you should choose green companies

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Your choices directly impact the health of our planet

The world is changing and the way we are dealing with it too. Companies are increasingly aware of the demands their customers bring to them, also,  customers are actively researching how these companies deal with their internal policies and their respective environmental impacts.

A recently pertinent point of debate has been the ESG agenda, which has been frequently discussed in the corporate environment and if companies want to remain relevant and competitive they need to follow sustainable practices. Several companies are mobilizing to change their internal policies and how they can become environmentally responsible,  implementing actions such as offsetting their CO2 emissions with MOSS.

We’ve put together a list to help you understand how you can positively impact the health of our planet by consuming products and services from companies that are committed to taking care of our planet. According to the competent research institution, Agência Sistema FIEP, 87% of Brazilian consumers prefer to buy from sustainable companies.

  • You can directly impact the health of the planet, by reducing its CO² emissions

One of the greatest damages to planet Earth is the growing CO² emissions. Green companies have, as a characteristic, the commitment to reduce, offset or zero these emissions. When you buy or purchase a service from a green company, you will be directly helping the environment, since these companies are committed to reducing their emissions. There for directly helping Planet Earth and reducing the damage caused by global warming. MOSS, through the sale of carbon credits, is already responsible for offsetting the emissions of several companies such as Hering and Ifood. Find out how to offset your company’s emissions by clicking here.

  • Encourage the creation of ecologically sound policies within industries

Green companies also  generate and implement ecologically correct policies in their internal processes. In addition to offsetting and reducing CO² emissions, these companies have commitments such as: use of renewable energy; recycling; digitization of processes, thus reducing paper consumption; among other actions. Therefore, when consuming products and services from these companies, you will be strengthening these policies.

  • Being able to choose recyclable and/or more durable products

One of the actions that can be taken to reduce our carbon footprint, that is, reduce the impact of our CO² emissions on the atmosphere, is to reduce consumption. This involves consuming more durable and/or recyclable products, also a characteristic of green companies. By doing so you help increase  the influence of the sustainable movement.

The success of green companies can lead other companies to also follow this path, so when consuming this type of company, the influence of the sustainable movement is greater. 

  • Contribute to the reduction of toxic materials and the reduction in waste production

One of the relevant aspects of green companies is the commitment to reducing waste and toxic materials, taking into account factors like: the environmental importance of the place where the company is installed; energy consumption, preferably from renewable sources; and reduction of waste generation (the digitization of processes, as mentioned above).

How do I find what my carbon footprint is? 

When faced with the term “carbon footprint” for the first time, many ask themselves how to measure this footprint, how to know what the consequences of their actions are for Planet Earth.

With the MOSS Calculator, you will answer questions about your daily habits, such as how much, on average, have you spent on gas per month in 2020. For companies, MOSS also offers the opportunity to calculate emissions of C02 and presents the best compensation alternative.

After answering these quick questions, within just a few minutes, you will know how many tons of carbon dioxide (CO²) you emitted last year and will be able to estimate how much you need to offset.

How can I compensate my carbon footprint?

One of the ways you can offset your carbon footprint is to buy carbon credits. Within this market, MOSS stands out as the largest environmental platform in the world.

A carbon credit is a certificate that proves that one ton of equivalent carbon is no longer emitted into the atmosphere. This occurs through the financing of projects that aim to capture excess carbon dioxide (CO²) from the environment, with measures that include environmental conservation, reforestation and sustainable forest management.

The MOSS token comes from forest conservation projects that also benefit local populations and can neutralize tons of CO2. If you want to know some of these projects supported by MOSS just click here.

Where can I buy MCO2 Token, MOSS digital asset?

Users who are already in the crypto world and already participate in several platforms can acquire the MCO2 Token on global exchanges such as the South Korean ProBit, and the Brazilian, Mercado Bitcoin, the largest platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Latin America.


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